Feedback on Questions - Cyberbullying

Based on your own experiences, or those of your friends/family, is cyber bullying an issue in your

What kind of support services do you know about that are CURRENTLY available in your
community/country for young people who are being bullied?
Police; CEOP; Counselling services in school.

What support services (do you feel) SHOULD be made available for young people if they are
experiencing bullying problems?
An anonymous service so that the victims can share their problems without feeling vulnerable to more abuse, or being found out.

Do you think that social media and use of mobile phones is making it easier for young people to
bully one another? If so, why?
Social media and mobile phones make it easier to bully because you no longer need to bully face to face. Anyone can cyberbully. And it's also a way to make sure that the bullying is constant.

If you were going to make a video to raise awareness about bullying what would you do
differently to this video (referring to the UNICEF video on Cyberbullying - see [Video:]; What types of messages (do you think) would get young people’s attention?
No cartoons; Make the message in the video clear; Use real life stories about cyberbullying.

What role do you think young people like YOU and your friends can play in ending this kind of
(cyberbullying) behaviour?
Being approachable if anyone needs to talk about being bullied and to prevent any form of bullying

What do you think are the THREE most important things that PARENTS need to do to help make
the internet safer for their children?
Check the social media websites before allowing children to use them; Use filters; Warn children about the dangers of miss using the internet.

You also watched a film addressing the effects of Cyberbullying presented by Ryan Halligan's
dad. [See ] What did you learn from this film? What do you think of the film as an educational tool?
The film was excellent, it's very powerful and leaves a lasting impression. It shows how serious bullying can become and the lasting effect that it has on the victim and their family. By watching Ryan's father talking about his son, I learned that I shouldn't be a bystander because everyone can make a difference, and all of us should act against bullying.