Feedback on Questions - Self exposure

What do you think is happening to the young girl in the video (see
She's being bullied because she mis-used the Internet (she gave her boyfriend a very personal photo that he shared online)

Based on your own experiences, or those of your friends/family, is this an issue in your
Sexting and Self-exposure do happen in my community, but the majority of people don't react and bully the person.

Why do you think that the girl in the video sent the photos?
To show her boyfriend how much she liked him.

Imagine that the girl in the video came to ask you for help – what would you tell her?
Contact someone that can help her get rid of the photos and talk to her about facing the bullies.

Why do you think some young people – like this girl –share suggestive/nude photos or videos of
themselves even if there is a possibility that these photos/videos will end up being shared with a wider group of people?
To be liked or to show off in order to become more popular.

Imagine the principal from your old school comes to you and asks you to help raise awareness
about this problem in your old school – how would you go about doing it?
Show videos and cases of how self exposure and suggestive photos can seem like a good idea but can cause a lot of damage.

As a follow up question – how do you think you could use social media to help you raise awareness in your old school/community? Would it be an effective tool? WHY?
Create help pages to give advice.

What do you think are the THREE most important things that TEACHERS/SCHOOLS need to do
to help make the internet safer for their children?
Use filters; Give lessons on the dangers of using the internet; Make sure children are aware of the legal aspects.

You also watched a film on Sexting from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) - see What did you learn from this film? What do you think of the film as an educational tool?The film was helpful to show how photos can effect your personal life and change people's impressions of you.