Exploring Self Exposure (Sexting) and Internet Grooming

Discussing Self - Exposure (Sexting)
The following CEOP (www.ceop.police.uk) video on sexting was shown and then discussed:

The social, emotional and legal aspects of sexting were discussed, and the link to grooming as well. We also discussed some of the latest findings on how young people get groomed online, and the law in respect to this as well.

Again the young people felt that videos such as the one above were really good ways to reach their peer group and friends, rather than simple messages of dos and don'ts. Similarly they felt that more education (and peer education) was important in this arena.


The following are some of the points the group felt were the reasons that young people could get groomed. Understanding these factors mean that we can design better educational/holistic approaches to ensure that young people understand how to safeguard themselves from being groomed online.